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Happy Camper Gourmet Beet Meatballs

HAPPY CAMPER GOURMET – Food for the Outdoors
Full-flavoured, very tasty and handy packets of ready-cooked meals.

Enjoy an appetizing gourmet meal straight out of the cupboard, produced by an Australian owned company and 4th generation beef farmer. And, there’s no need to refrigerate or freeze and the products have a ‘long best before date’ of 18 months from the day of manufacture.
Perfect for when you get back to camp, or are setting up camp, at the end of a long day’s driving or exploring, and the last thing you want to do is prepare and cook a meal. Takes no preparation, other than boiling some water (and perhaps cooking some rice or potatoes to accompany the meal).
At present there are 6 single serve Meals in the Happy Camper Gourmet Product Range, and all taste great.
Give them a go and stock up with a variety of meals on your next camping foray and when the time comes, you’ll be so glad you have them on hand.

Happy Camper Gourmet Chicken


Cast Iron Camp Ovens

Cast iron has been recognised since the Middle Ages as being one of the best materials for cooking as it absorbs heat slowly and spreads it gently and steadily. The food is cooked thoroughly and evenly which protects its aromatic and nutritional qualities.
Cast iron camp ovens are quite heavy, but are fabulous for baking and retain their heat extremely well. They need a little attention to keep them in good condition, and require care when packing, but looked after, your camp oven will last you for many, many years.
Buy the best quality premium cast iron oven you can, with legs


primus cast iron camp oven The Cast Iron Cookware range by Campfire® is available in good outdoor stores. The entire range has quality casting and has been pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil for 48 hours and is ready to use. The composition of their range provides for a fine porous surface that makes seasoning and conditioning quicker and long lasting. Their Pioneer series has been designed with a 2-in-1 concept, with the lid having three solid support legs that allow the lid to be used as a skillet.  The oven comes with protective leather gloves, mini lid lifter, and a storage bag. You'll find a range of Campfire Cookware and Companion cookwar in good outdoor stores.


billmans foundry camp ovens Billman's Foundry have been in business since the late 70's, based in Castlemaine, Victoria, and have created 4 sizes in their Cast Iron Camp Oven range. Their camp ovens are cast using recycled cast iron, and they also use a blacksmith to hand forge the steel handles. Proudly 100% Australian made and owned. A great gift idea is to personalise the lid, with names dates etc. Billmans has created many personalised lids for weddings, birthdays etc making a gift that will last many years and can be handed down through family.
For more information check out their web site at:


hillbilly Hillbilly camping gear. Genuinely authentic Aussie cooking equipment and accessories, Australian made, with durability, versatility at an affordable price. Their very extensive range includes camp ovens, trivets, the BushKing oven kit which provides you with a complete campfire and heatbead cooking system, heatbead starter, BBQs, hotplates, grills, and lots more. Contact: ph: (03) 9754 5053, Web site:


bedourie camp oven aussie camp oven

Dr Livingston's Bedourie Camp Ovens & Aussie Camp Oven – The ovens are made from heavy gauge spun carbon steel, which while light, will not break or crack. Southern Metal Spinners of SA manufacture the Dr Livingstone’s Bedourie camp oven and Aussie Camp Oven. Check out their web site at:


coleman camp oven

Coleman® Camp Oven
This compact cube shaped oven actually sits on top of your gas or fuel stove, and is a great idea when you can’t have a fire.
The stove is designed so that its metal lid and sides fold inwards and the stove folds down into a nice, neat little package, making it extremely easy to carry. Opened up, you place it over one of the burners on your camping stove, close the door and preheat it, as you would for any oven. An easy to read thermometer lets you know when it is ready to put in your roast, bread, pudding or whatever. Inside is a 25cm (10") square adjustable rack and the oven is big enough to take a medium sized baking tray, casserole dish or bread tin.
Designed to fit any Coleman® stovetop, you can find them in good camping stores. Check out their web site for store locations and information on their product range:, or to see the camp oven details go to:


auspit Auspit - A single post, battery driven spit capable of cooking up to 6kg of product. See "Previous Recipes"on the Auspit.


Cob - See "Previous Recipes" on the Cobb.
These amazing units are a camp oven, BBQ and smoker all in one.

Cobb is available direct from the Australian Cobb Website: where you'll find all the information you need about the Cobb product range, how to use the Cobb and a list of retail outlets, etc.


thermos shuttle chef

Thermal Cookware - Shuttle Chef - see 'Previous Recipes" on the Shuttle Chef.

The Thermos Shuttle Chef is basically a slow cooker or crockpot that doesn’t need any electricity or the like and it has many advantages, especially for people who are camping, caravanning or four wheel driving. One big advantage is that you use a lot less gas, and with wood fires becoming harder and harder to use because of fire restrictions imposed by national parks, reserves or councils, campers find themselves cooking more and more on the gas stovetop.

Another big advantage for campes and caravaneers, who may only may carry a 2-burner stove, this cookware enables you to prepare say your meat dish ahead of time, and then do some vegetables separately, without the main course going cold. If you use the Shuttle Chef two saucepan system you can prepare your main meal and vegetables at the same time, or soup and a main meal or even a desert and a main meal.

The Thermos Shuttle Chef Cookware range consists of one or two stainless steel cooking pots that fit inside an insulated outer pot. The outer pot has vacuum-insulated double walls so the food keeps cooking slowly in its own retained heat.

engel fridge Engel Fridges portable fridges and freezers. Web site:


coleman stove Coleman range of products - including gas stove, camp oven, etc. Web site:


Nipper Kipper Smoke Oven Nipper Kipper Smoke Ovens - manufactured in Hervey Bay since 1968, this Australian made product is great for those who love to do a bit of smoke oven cooking. They also have a fold-away smoker oven. Web site:

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