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easy egg muffins
scrambled egg wraps

Eggs on the Run
Breakfast Wraps

potato egg and bacon pie
one dish camp oven baked omlette


ham and egg pizza
pizza toppings
whole bake jacket potato and toppings in camp oven or oven
Whole Baked
'Jacket' Potatoes
and Toppings

Pies & Slices

potato egg and bacon pie
rice pie
sandy and mick's quiche
one dish camp oven baked omlette

Fish & Seafood

Warren's fish bendleby ranges
Bendleby Ranges
Warren’s Fish
rosti tuna cakes
creamy avocado and tuna fettuccini
tuna corn fitatta
tuna salad
intoxicated prawns
hot spicy prawns
prawns dipping sauce
mexican style ceviche
Kokoda cevichie Fijian
tuna corn ravioli salad latina fresh pasta recipe
Latina Fresh Pasta
Tuna & Corn Ravioli
moroccan flavoured salmon and couscous patties

Whole Baked
'Jacket' Potatoes 
and Toppings
Whole Baked
'Jacket' Potatoes
with Tuna topping
kedgeree tuna cooked fish curry rice camping one dish meal

One Pot Meal

tuna potato risoni casserole


creamy vegetable soup
garden vegetable soup thermos shuttle chef
Thermos Shuttle Chef
Garden Vegetable Soup
smoked oyster mussell soup
chicken noodle corn soup
bean noodle tuna soup
sausage creamy tortellini soup
Quick Minestrone Soup Beef & Potato Soup moroccan chicken and lemon soup Moroccan Chicken & Lemon Soup
vegetable risoni soup
Vegetable & Risoni Soup        


potji camp oven cape malay lamb casserole
the cobb roast
lamb camp oven
Dream Pot Corned Beef
Lamb Marinade
Thai Marindae
marmalade pork chops
thermos shuttle chef
Thermos Shuttle Chef
Lamb Shanks in BBQ
coleman oven roast beef with horseradish crust
lamb chutney chops
pot roast red wine horseradish maple syrup honey thyme
Pot Roasts
Beef and Horseradish/maple syrup/balsamic Pot
Red Wine Pot Roast with Honey and Thyme
Mongolian beef casserole
stockman Stew
spaghetti beef mince pasta bake
meals in foil
beef tagine with sweet potatoes
pammy's lamb and horseradish rollups
one dish easy chow mein
One Dish Sweet Malay Minced Beef Curry
Trishys italian style sausage casserole
Viv Moons sausage casserole topped with mashed potato
Sausage Casserole topped with Mashed Potato SPAM Recipe Ideas Using SPAM
whole bake jacket potato and toppings in camp oven or oven
Whole Baked
'Jacket' Potatoes
and Toppings
echidna meatballs Pam's Echidna Metballs
(or Old Fashioned Porcupine Meaballs)


chicken satay
thai green curry thermos shuttle chef
Thermos Shuttle Chef
Thai Green Chicken Curry
baked chicken with tarragon butter
spicy chicken the cobb
The Cobb
Spicy Chicken Pieces
green tomato chicken
chicken capsicum casserole
Bendleby Ranges
Chicken Capsicum Casserole
one pan baked chicken with beans lemon and garlic

One-pan Baked Chicken
with beans, lemon & garlic

chicken sweet and sour in foil packet wraps
ranch chicken and vegetables in foil packets wraps
the doctors apricot chicken


vegetable jambalaya
lentil burgers patties
cashew and lentil patties
mushroom lasagne
gado gado


Creamy Potato Bake with Pkt French Onion Soup

whole baked potato with egg bacon and beans
Whole Baked Potatoes
Egg in a Potato
whole baked potato with chilli con carne topping
whole baked potato with tuna and mayonnaise topping
Whole Baked Potatoes
Tuna & Mayonnaise
potato supreme parcels
cabbage bacon noodles camp oven cooking
Cabbage, Bacon & Noodles
cabbage veggies in a pot potatoes carrots leek onion camp oven cooking
whole bake jacket potato and toppings in camp oven or oven
Whole Baked
'Jacket' Potatoes
and Toppings

oriental fried noodle salad
nutty asian salad
Asian style chicken or beef salad
thai chicken with coconut lime dressing
Vietnaese chicken salad Goi Ga
moroccan chicken and rice salad
Maz's Layered Garden Salad


thermos shuttle chef pumpkin risotto
Thermos Shuttle Chef
Pumpkin Risotto
moroccan chicken and rice salad
easy paella
easy baked mushroomand bacon risotto
baked mushroom and spinach risotto
baked tomato risotto
rice pie
persian style rice dish




waffles and fruit salad
impossible coconut pie
mars bar apples
cherry peach crumble
Dream Pot Bread and Butter Pudding
Dream Pot
Bread & Butter Pudding
thermos shuttle chef bread and butter pudding
Thermos Shuttle Chef
Bread & Butter Pudding
chocolate log
marshmallow chocolate bananas
minty chocolate
eton mess
baked self saucing chocolate pudding
upside down banana pudding in camp oven
s'mores biscuit marshmallow chocolate
mango tropical trifle
chocolate cherry ripe trifle
banana waffle cones
strawberry bread and butter pudding
pear and chocolate bread and butter pudding
banana marshmallow caramel and chocolate parcels
baked peaches with crumble
maz's dipping cream for fresh fruit
lemon ginger and tea poached pears
quick creamed rice
lemon vanilla creamed rice
coconut creamed rice and raspberries
cream cheese and blueberry rollups viv moon
raspberry or strawberry custard trifle
strawberry sponge fingers
s'mores chocolate marshmallow biscuits camping camp fire cooking Smores
Camp Oven S'mores Dip pineapple tart or slice viv moon Pineapple Slice or Tart
3 ingredient cheesecake using greek yoghurt and sweetened condensed milk microwave 3 ingredient Cheesecake using greek yoghurt and sweetened condensed milk Microwave Bettys Christmas pudding Christmas
Treats - Bettys Christmas Pudding
chrissys white chocolate fruit slice Chrissy's White Chocolate Xmas Fruit Slice


Breads, Damper & Scones

favourite scones
lemonade cream scones
damper bacon cheese scones
easy flat bread
easy flat bread
three rise bread
soda bread
date golden syrup and orange scone
Date, Golden Syrup & Orange Scone
date and ginger beer scone
no knead fruit bread
pull apart cheese garlic bread in camp oven Pull Apart Cheese & Garlic Bread Creamed Corn Damper Creamed Corn Damper

Cakes & Muffins

chocolate cocoa cola cake
basic muffin mix
thermos shuttle chef boiled fruit cake
blueberry and apple muffins coleman oven
cinnamon cake
giant blueberry muffin camp oven
fruit mince coffee cake
savory cheese garlic parsley muffins viv moon


Biscuits & Slices

sultana slice

Beth's Hazelnut Amaretti Biscuits
anzac biscuits
oat and cranberry biscuits
coconut crunch slice
carrot and muesli slice
easy apricot slice


Drinks, Nibbles & Misc

ham and egg pizza
potato pizza
spaghetti pizza
brie and smoked salmon pizza
coleman oven
Alternatives to using Camp Oven
Coleman Camp Oven

The Cobb
pammy's lamb and horseradish rollups Pammy's Lamb & Horseradish Rollups Jungle Juice    


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