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Vehicle Modifications for Touring

Ron and Viv Moon spend a lot of time and cover some long distances travelling Australia and the world for their work for magazines, guidebooks and videos. Here are some of their vehicle's secrets.

The main requirement for any of our vehicles is that they have to be tough and reliable, capable of touring the black blocks of Australia, with a modicum of comfort, a rash of dependability and a stout of robustness. That it has to be a diesel goes almost without saying.

After a range of four wheel drive vehicles, which included a '55 Jeep Wagoneer, a Series 3 Land Rover, a 47 Series and then a 75 Series diesel Land Cruiser, in 2001 we bought a Nissan Patrol 4.2 turbo-diesel in ST form. It had such things as remote central locking, power windows and mirrors; all things we would have scoffed at a few years ago! This is still our main, hard working expedition 4WD vehicle and it has seen a lot of modifications and a lot of hard kilometres in the time we have had it. You can read all about it and the mods and accessories here.

We bought a second new Patrol in 2006 - the last of the 4.2's - but we have since sold that and bought, in the USA in 2014, a 2005 Dodge Ram and fitted it with a Four Wheel Camper slide-on 'Hawk' camper. You can read about our US sourced vehicle and the additions to it, here.

We've also got ourselves a 2015 SR5 Hilux which will be playing a low key role as far as bush trips are concerned but we'll put a few options on it to make it look good and perform better. You can read about the Hilux and the accessories we fit to it here.

No matter what you buy though - and the moral of this story - is that if you want to head bush, carry heavy loads over rough rugged country and make the job easier on your vehicle and yourself then the vehicle ... of whatever make and creed ... needs a few modifications and accessories.

In Nov 2015) after 350,000km, most of them tough, heavily laden kilometres, with much of it towing our T-vans or more lately our TrakMaster van (read about the campers and van here), we can let you know what mods or aftermarket accessories worked and what failed the test.

We've done a bit of maintenance on the Patrol in recent weeks and upgraded some of the accessories to bring the rig up to scratch and hopefully ready for another couple of hundred thousand kms of great and enjoyable touring!

Vehicle Modifications & Accessories - click on pictures above, or go to:

Expedition Patrol 70 Series Land Cruiser dual-cab Toyota Hilux USA Dodge RAM Offroad Van/Camper Back to Our Vehicles


outback 4wd Outback 4WD Centre Bayswater
All or pre-trip servicing and regular maintenance on both of our Patrols is done by Outback 4WD Centre in Bayswater.


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See you in the bush.

Ron and Viv.

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