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Australian 4WD Guidebooks &
Outdoor Cookbooks

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We've been writing guidebooks and articles for many magazines on remote areas of Australia since 1985 and many people consider our Moon Adventure Publication guides the best available for 4WD travellers. We also have a number of guidebooks we've researched and written for HEMA Maps/Guides. 

For those who are new to cooking (camping or at home),  or who want to spice up their culinary skills and get some great recipes, Viv's cookbooks have been best sellers for over 25 years.

Updated 19/12/2023

Viv Moon's Outdoor & Travellers' eCookbook

linklink button Viv Moon's OUTDOOR & Travellers' cookbook Digital eCookbook

Viv Moon's OUTDOOR & TRAVELLERS' Cookbook

Two great Cookbooks COMBINED into ONE REMARKABLE 533 page Digital eCookbook.

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Welcome to our travels in Australia and around the world on dirt tracks, ice roads and gravel highways. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get out and see more of this wonderful planet, we call 'Earth'.


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