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- CAPE YORK - An Adventurer's Guide book
Ron Chilli Beach  cape york guide book

From time to time, as updates to the information in our books occur, we will post it here at our updates page. Keep an eye on this section for the very latest news and information that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

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Biblography - a comprehensive listing of books on Cape York for further reading.


Updates to Current 12th & 13th Edition


*********CAPE YORK PARKS ONLINE*********

Queensland National Parks has a new name, Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, web:

Camping within Cape York National Parks - e-permits needed to camp

All Cape York parks are now live on the NPs web site for campers to book their camp sites before travelling. Head to the 'Camp Bookings' page at: to book online or call 13 74 68.

However you may need to make a booking along the way (or alter or cancel an existing one) after you reach the Cape. To do this you can visit an authorised booking agent, (found at the Lure Shop, Cooktown; Mulley’s Market and Fuel, Coen and at Oz Tours Safaris, at the Moreton Telegraph Station). Or make use of the touch screen facilities provided at the ranger bases at Lakefield NP, Iron Range NP and Heathlands and at the QPWS offices in Coen, Cooktown and Weipa. You MUST have a permit before arriving at a national park campsite!

This may make it easier for rangers in the parks but it is totally unrealistic for travellers and campers to know when and where they are going (down to the exact day) when they head north to Cape York. What's wrong with self-registration stations that most other states use in their national parks.
There web site states:

"Campers must purchase an e-permit before arriving at the camping area. Self-registration is no longer available.

This change to camping bookings ensures e-permit holders have a camp site when they arrive at the camping area.

To obtain an e-permit, you can:

book online
visit a NPRSR business centre or authorised booking agent
phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68). Mobile phone charges may apply.
Making a booking for Cape York Peninsula parks and resources reserves camp sites may be difficult for campers who have not booked before leaving home, or before arriving on the peninsula. Recognising this possibility, QPWS will be providing additional assistance for those campers to make a booking (subject to availability) using touch screens.

Touch screen booking facilities will be available at Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL), Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park (CYPAL) and Heathlands Resources Reserve ranger bases as well as National Park Ranger Stations at Coen, Cooktown and Weipa offices. Credit card and camping credits are accepted but no cash facilities are available.

The demand for camping on Cape York Peninsula parks and reserves is growing. The introduction of online bookings and e-permits will manage this demand sustainably."

Note: You may need to make a booking along the way (or alter or cancel an existing one) after you reach the Cape. To do this you can visit an authorised booking agent, (found at the Lure Shop, Cooktown; Mulley’s Market and Fuel, Coen and at Oz Tours Safaris, at the Moreton Telegraph Station).
Or make use of the touch screen facilities provided as detailed above. You MUST have a permit before arriving at a national park campsite!


Cape York Dreaming TrackCape York Dreaming Track
Traditional Owners of Cape York have developed the first stage of the greatest tourism trail in Cape York Peninsula – the Cape York Dreaming Track – traversing the beautiful unspoilt areas of eastern Cape York Peninsula from the Daintree rainforests in the south, through mountains, savannah plains, wetlands and stunning coastline, to the most northern tip of Australia.
The fist section of the track – a 22km grade-5 walking trail built by members of the Gaamay Clan on their homelands stretches along the north shore of Cooktown through to Nob Point and will be open from the middle of the year.
For more info visit:


Page 50
National Parks Contact Details and New Name

The Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, who manage the Qld National Parks, now have the following phone numbers for you to contact:
General enquiries Northern Operations Office
, on ph: (07) 4222 5303, or
13 74 68

These contact details will relate to other pages found thorughout the guidebook.

Page 66
Palmer River Goldfield

From the Chillagoe-Laura Road the junction (GPS 144°5’10.5”E 15°58’22.9”S) of the public road that leads east to Maytown is about 4.3km north of Palmerville Station (where you cross the Palmer River), or around 170km north of Chillagoe. This public road swings south and crosses the Palmer River once again to join the original route between Palmerville and Maytown. It’s an easy and enjoyable drive.

Page 81
Cooktown now a RV Friendly Town
Cooktown RV FriendlyCooktown is now an RV Friendly Town, supported by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia
The site has been chosen, the Dump Ezy point installed and now all we have to do is welcome the tourists into town! The 48 hour Adelaide Street Rest Area has 40 spaces available for the big RV’s and self contained motorhomes and caravans. Facilities on site include a dump point, potable water, rubbish and recycling bins and plenty of shade.

This rest area will be trialed for 12 months to assess the economic impact for local businesses. The CMCA has over 63,000 members and we look forward to welcoming this expanding market to Cooktown. The permit for the 48 hour camping is only $5 per vehicle per night and can be paid for at the Cooktown and Cape York Visitor Information Centre @ Nature’s Powerhouse, prior to setting up.

Visitor Information Centre has moved to James Cook Musuem
The Cooktown Visitor Information Centre is now located at the, James Cook Museum, 50 Helen Street, 9am till 4pm, 7 days a week.

Page 87
Hope Vale

Munbah Cultural Tours
Is no longer operating.

Maaramaka Tours
Also operates just outside of Hope Vale (see their info on page 82).

Hope Vale Arts CentreHope Vale Arts & Cultural Learning Centre
The opening hours for the Centre are: 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 2pm on Fridays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays (Dry Season only) - phone first for Saturdays.
Web address is as in our book, (, and their email address is:




Page 103
The Road North to Weipa - Driving Distances & Times
Correction to the Driving Distance from Cooktown to Musgrave (Via Lakefield) - should read 270km (not 65km).


Page 107

Lakeland Caravan ParkLakeland Caravan Park new amenitiesLakeland Caravan Park
The delightful Lakeland Caravan Park, in Lakeland,
has a new amenities block, which is a great addition to the park which is a quiet, green, shady oasis with powered sites, a large grassy camping area, a new Amenities block and a well equipped camp kitchen plus an open campfire area free for use by all park residents.There is also a modern Internet cafe. You can check out their web site at:
They also have a very good Facebook page, look for 'Lakeland Caravan Park'.




Lakeland: Chris Engineering
is no longer the RACQ agent.


Page 110


Laura River BridgeLaura Bridge
Construction of the new bridge to allow passage over the Laura River is completed. The new higher and stronger bridge will replace the existing low-lying structure, meaning fewer disruptions for locals, business owners and tourist alike during future wet seasons.








Weipa's newest campground: Alngith Camp Grounds at Evans Landing
Weipa’s newest camp ground, Alngith Camp Ground, is located on the banks of the Embley River, just near Evans Landing boat ramp.evans landing campground
All camp sites have water front views. However, according to the Tourism Cape York web site it is temporarily closed, while stage one of caravan park/campgrounds is being progressed. Cost: $25/vehicle/night.
For more information and booking contact Anna, ph: (07) 4069 9470, and check out the web site:







weipa autoPage 113
Weipa Auto - RACQ
Weipa Auto in Iraci Ave, Weipa, now takes care of the RACQ in both Weipa and COEN, running two trucks. They cover from Bramwell Roadhouse right down to Laura and have been operating on Cape York for 5 years now. In Weipa they have a fully equipped workshop and cover all aspects of automotive and diesel servicing, mechanical repairs and engineering, diesel fitting and auto electrics. If you want more details on them and the services they provide check out their web site at:




Page 159
Vrilya Point Road Closed
Due to the state of disrepair on the log bridge over Crystal Creek, on the road to Vrilya Point, the road out to the Point will be closed this year 2015. There are barriers and signs in place, but it would seem a few travellers are ignoring the signs and risking themselves and their cars to using the bridge. Rangers are going to Vrilya Point via boat each day and checking up on campers and being told to pack up and leave. Also worth noting that your insurance is also not valid. Hopefully the log bridge will be repaired/replaced sooner rather than later.









Page 200

Wrotham Park Lodge
The luxury Lodge at Wrotham Park has been pulled down and removed and all of it shifted to the Northern Territory. The station is now closed to travellers.
The Lodge itself was bought by Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), and will soon become the Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Anthology's latest acquisition, on theMary River wetlands.


For more general information on Tour Operators and an extensive Biblography for Cape York, click on the links below:

General Tour Operators; Vehicle Guiding Services (tag-along tour operators); etc.

Biblography - a comprehensive listing of books on Cape York for further reading.

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Updates to Previous Editions

CAPE YORK – An Adventurer's Guide book - 11th

CY 11With our new and very updated 12th edition of our guidebook on Cape York now available, we have only listed some of the updates to the old edition. There is lots more information in the new book.



Cape York Alcohol Restrictions
Alcohol restrictions were introduced to improve the quality of life in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and help make them more enjoyable places to visit.Restrictions on the types and quantity of alcohol you can carry vary from community to community with many communities allowing small quantities of wine and mid-strength beer.

It’s important to note that limits apply on a per-vehicle basis and not a per-person basis. The Queensland Police Service strictly enforces the restrictions and heavy penalties apply for offenders.

Even if you don’t plan to visit these communities, you could inadvertently break the law and land yourself in hot water if you carry alcohol into or through a restricted area. So plan ahead and don’t get caught out.

With penalties starting for the first offence at $42,693 and possible confiscation of the vehicle it would pay to check the web site detailed below.

Given the amount of information, and its propensity to change, Tourism Queensland has found that a link to the appropriate web page is the best manner to deliver the correct and up to date information, or at the very least contact the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander & Multicultiral Affairs on 13 74 68.

For up to date info on Alcohol Restrictions that apply for some Indigenous Communities within Queensland and Cape York, visit the Queensland Government web site:

Pg 68

Quinkan and Regional Cultural Centre
There is a new heritage and cultural centre at Laura is owned and operated by the local community. It is one of the best we have seen with well laid out displays and great pics showcasing all aspects of Quinkan Country including, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage, and the natural environment. There is something of interest for everyone!
Guided tours can be booked from the Cultural Centre, including tours to world famous Aboriginal art galleries such as Split Rock, Mushroom Rock & Giant Horse Gallery.

Quinkan Cultural CentreThe Cultural Centre also provides information on other attractions within Quinkan Country and around Cape York Peninsula and also has a select range of regional Aboriginal arts and crafts available for sale.
You can contact the Centre, which is located at Lot 2 Peninsula Development Rd, Laura, Qld 4871, on ph: (07) 40603457, fax: (07) 40603470. They also have a great website:


Pg 70
Mary Valley Homestead
This station has closed it doors to travellers and there is no longer camping or accommodation.


Pg 75
Coen - Halfway Service Station
What was the old Clark's Cash Store & Garage is now the Halfway Service Station. This small store offers a small but good range of groceries, all fuels and limited tyres.

Pg 84-85
Access to Temple Bay
The former pastoral leases of Bromley and Boynton are now managed as the Olive River Environmental Reserve. Access to the remote Temple Bay area of this reserve is allowed but numbers are strictly controlled. For more information contact the Parks and Wildlife Service in Cooktown, ph: (07) 4069 5777, web site:

Bramwell Stn barbramwell stnPg 92
Bramwell Station
Up on Cape York, Bramwell Station has been upgraded with even more facilities being put in for four wheelers to be able to use. They have moved facilities out to the junction of the OTL and the Southern Bypass road, where you'll find the Bramwell Junction Roadhouse. You'll find fuel, drinks, take-away food can camping at the Roadhouse, ph: (07) 4060 3230. For more info on the Station and accommodation, call on, ph (07) 4060 3300.

Pg 100
Captain Billy Landing
The old tin shed has been removed by NPs and in its place is a new picnic shelter and pit toilet.

Pg 101
Shelburne Bay Dune fields
National Parks has taken over the management of Nixon Station, including the Shelburne Bay Dune fields. Access is currently not available.

Pg 124
Hope Vale Community

This Community is home to 32 traditional clan groups which have been divided up into 13 Land Trusts. These trusts give them legal right over the area and they are responsible for the management of the areas. There is a new Arts & Cultural Centre and visitors are welcome. A permit is required for access to Elim Beach.

Elim Beach Coloured Sands
Day permits to the area are required and people must stop at the service station in Hope Vale to get their permit.
Camping at the sands is only possible at Eddies Camp where you’ll find toilets and showers.
Check out the Cooktown and Cape York Peninsula website on:

Pg 106
Noah Beach - Camping
To camp at Noah Beach you must book in advance by calling the National Parks on 13 13 04. The camping area is closed in the wet season and after heavy rains. The maximum stay is seven nights. The only facilities at the designated camping area at Noah Beach, 8 km south of Cape Tribulation, are toilets. There are no shower facilities or water available.

Pg 126
old laura hsBattlecamp RoadBattlecamp Rd - Old Laura HS to Cooktown
There have been some major road improvements on this road and it is now a good dirt road.

Pg 128
Cape Flattery - Access Permission
You no longer need to get permission of the mining company at Cape Flattery to camp at Connie Beach. Contact the Ranger at the Hope Vale community, ph: (07) 4060 9130, for access details and permits.



Pg 129-130
kalpowarKalpower Station
Much of Kalpower, which adjoins Lakefield NP, is now Aboriginal Land. However a Recreational Reserve has been established along the access route to Bathurst Head and camping is allowed in designated places including on the beach at the track’s end just south of Bathurst Head.

Pandanus Park – Normanby River
A Vietnam veteran’s park and wilderness retreat has been established on the banks of the Normanby River south of the Kalpower Station. This has been a unique co-operation between Vietnam vets led by the ‘Bush tucker Man’ Les Hiddins and the local Aboriginal land group.

The retreat is open to all past and present servicemen and their families and friends and with 10km or more of Normanby River to enjoy the camp is a beauty.

For more details, access maps, etc, check out:


Pg 144 Weipa
Merluna Open for Travellers
The 400,000 acre Merluna cattle property south-east of Weipa now offers accommodation, camping, fishing, bow hunting and 4wdriving on the network of station’s tracks. For more info ph: (07) 4060 3209 or check the web at:



Pg 161/163
Arukun Fishing ChartersArukun Fishing Charters
A new live-aboard fishing charter boat has started working in the vast waterways of the Archer, Watson and Ward Rivers close to the Aboriginal community of Aurukun.
The custom built cat can accommodate eight people in air conditioned comfort. There’s barra, threadfin salmon and mangrove jack as well as reef and blue water species as well as mudcrabs.
To fish these remote near virgin waters, ph: (0407) 575 618, or:

Pg 164
Access to Iron Range & Portland roads
Please note that the trek notes in the book use what was once the main track to Iron Range that left the main Developmental Road some 22km north of the Archer River.
The latest Iron Range Portland Roads access track is via what was the second access track, now sign posted and 36km north of the Archer River.

Trek Notes (from new main junction):
0.0 Road junction 36km north of Archer River. TL to Iron Range. PSA to Weipa or Cape York.
3.9 Creek crossing
10.3 Creek crossing
16.0 Creek crossing
16.4 Track on left leads to small bush camp above river.
16.5 Wenlock River crossing. GPS 13° 5’ 44”S 142° 56’31”E (WGS84).

portland roadsPg 168
Portland Roads - Accommodation - Beach Shack

This property has now been sold and no longer running as an accommodation business.

iron range cabins lockhart riverAccommodation is also now available at the community run, fully self-contained, Iron Range Cabins, located 5km west of the Lockhart River township. Ph: (07) 4060 7147, web:



Pgs 138 & 143

Maytown Access

The route fro
m Palmerville to Maytown has now been opened by the Cook Shire.






CDMA on the Cape
The CDMA mobile phone network has been extended and now includes the Weipa area, TI, Lockhart River with Coen, Laura, Aurukun, Bamaga Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw.



Loyalty Beach sunsetPg 182
Loyalty Beach Campground & Fishing Lodge
Update of contact details:
Ph: (07) 4069 3372, fax: (07 4069 3770
Web site:


Croydon Tourist InfoChris Tourist InfoPg 239
Croydon - Tourist Information Centre
There's a new Tourist Information Centre and visitors will find plenty to keep them occupied visiting the Information Centre. There are also a number of the old buildings that have been restored, with some interesting displays. Allow yourself a little more time to explore the town and surrounds.




For more general information on Tour Operators and an extensive Biblography for Cape York, click on the links below:

General Tour Operators; Vehicle Guiding Services (tag-along tour operators); etc.

Biblography - a comprehensive listing of books on Cape York for further reading.

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