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Keep a check on road and track closures and conditions by looking at the following websites:


forrestry tasmani

Forestry Tasmania
This site notifies visitors to the Forests of any closures. The link is:

tasmania parks and wildlife Sevice

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service:

National Park Passes Online
Visitors and Tasmanians alike are now able to purchase their national park passes online, at anytime.
A web portal from the PWS homepage guides visitors to the easy purchase of the full range of park passes.
Intending visitors will be able to use their mobile devices while travelling around the State or on their computer or mobile device before they holiday to purchase a parks pass.
The revenue generated from your fees is retained by the PWS to reinvest in the maintenance and enhancement of visitor facilities and services like the very popular Discovery Ranger program, the Cradle Mt shuttle Bus service as well as infrastructure projects like the Wineglass Bay walk and picnic facilities at Mt Field.


Tasmania Four Wheel Driving - A Guide to 4WD Tracks in Tasmania by Parks & Wildlife Service
Parks & Wildlife Service of Tasmania has a compiled a 'Guide to 4WD Tracks in Tasmania' on their web site which lists roads, tracks and beaches
to assist visitors in selecting places to go when touring Tasmania with recreational vehicles. The tracks are rated easy, medium and hard and details of the tracks are also given. Web:

fish wild tasmania

Trout Fishing in Winter
Most trout waters in Tassie are closed from the end of April to the start of August for the winter spawning run, but several good public and private waters with huge fish stocks are open year round. It snows at times, but this is normally the most settled weather for the year with plenty of clear, calm days. It's time to put on the thermal clothing and neoprene waders and try your luck. Contact: Fish Wild Tasmania,

arthur pieman conservation area pieman river Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area
Visitors with recreational vehicles (4WD, quad bikes, trail bikes) have around 80km of recreational vehicle tracks to explore in this region which includes the route south to beyond Sandy Cape. To drive on these tracks, you need a Recreational Driver Pass, which can be purchased online at, or by phoning (03) 6457 1225, or at the Arthur River Parks Office. There is an excellent 4WD map @:
  Arthur-Pieman Tracks Re-opened
Recently, recreational off-road vehicle drivers have again been able to access the full length of the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area from the Arthur River in the north to the Pieman River in the south.
The reopening of a 90km route south of Sandy Cape through to the Pieman River along the remote, spectacular and wild West Coast will deliver one of the truly great off-road experiences on offer in Australia.
Access to this remote area is subject to a range of conditions, which include obtaining a special permit, adherence to strict rules and access only during the non-winter months. For visitor safety and to assist with compliance, GPS vehicle tracking units will be mandatory. The GPS unit will be fitted and removed at Arthur River Field Centre and this will require those getting permits to collect the permit and GPS Unit during the opening hours of the field centre.

Sandy Cape Track reopens
The Sandy Cape Track in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area in western Tasmania has been reopened after Parks and Wildlife Service staff from Arthur River and contractors undertook repairs in the Greens Creek area earlier this year. 
The track was closed in late July due to hazardous conditions following heavy rain. A deep water section of track exceeding most 4WD vehicle capabilities has been drained and necessary repairs completed, with further works scheduled for the summer months when water levels have fallen.
Visitors intending to drive the Arthur-Pieman’s recreational vehicle tracks are reminded they need a recreational driver pass, available from the Parks on-line shop at, in-person from a Service Tasmania outlet, or from the Parks office at the Arthur River.


Bird River 4WD Track Closure
Recent severe weather has resulted in a number of large tree falls and a considerable landslip on the Bird River 4WD Track. The track will be closed for the foreseeable future while PWS staff assess the extent of damage and work towards re-instating the track. For further enquiries please contact the Parks and Wildlife Queenstown Field Centre on 03 6471 2511.

Bateman bridge reserve tasmania Batman Bridge Reserve
Reserve Closed to Campers The Batman Bridge Reserve near Georgetown in Tasmania has been closed to overnight campers since late last year. A long time popular spot for campers and travellers, complaints by nearby commercial caravan park owners and following a legal determination from the economic regulator has seen the reserve developed for daytime use only.

Tassie 4X4 Tag Along Tours
If you are thinking of heading down to the Apple Isle for a 4WD Tag Along holiday , check out: Join one of their many tag alongs. They also run 4x4 driver training courses for 1 to 2 days.

visit oldest tree in tasmania with Hay's adventure tours

Tassie oldest Tree
Tassie’s oldest tree, and claimed to be the world’s oldest naturally cloned tree at 10,500 years old, can be found on the west coast of Tassie not far from Rosebery. Considered so important the tree can only be visited when accompanied with an authorised guide, in this case, Hay's Adventure Tours, see:

  Circular Marsh Access
Circular Marsh and surrounding areas north of Bronte Park in the delightful Central Highlands of Tasmania has become the possession of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. The Tas. Land Conservancy will assist them with management as they own adjoining property. 4WD Tasmania will be making a representation to the Aboriginal Land Council in an endeavor to secure access from Gowenbrae to the Bomb Shelter. See for up-to-date details.

Spray Mine Tunnel Closed
The short 4wd trip out of Zeehan, which took you through the impressive tunnel of the Spray Mine, has been closed to all vehicles. A tourist walkway has now been erected.

camping tasmania forestry tasmania hydro tasmania campgrounds camping Camping Tasmania Guide to Camping in Tasmania
If you want to have a look at what Tasmania has to offer the camper, then check out the web site of Camping Tasmania at:
Here you'll find lists of the campgrounds provided by commerical operators or formal, as well as informal and free camp sites are available in Tasmania, whether they be within national parks and forest reserves managed by Forestry Tasmania, or Hydro Tasmania.

Old Bermuda Rd - Seasonal Closure
The Boom gate located on the Northern End of Old Bermuda Rd will be closed between the 1st of August and the 31st of January each year to accomodate the breeding patterns of Wedge Tail Eagles that nest in the area. Forestry Tasmania will be erecting signs in the area displaying this information in the near future. (Information from 4WD Tasmania website.)

4wd tasmania road closures maps old bermuda road 4wd tracks mt mccall forest tracks 4WD Track Changes in Tassie
The Mt. McCall track is again open and keys to it can be collected from the Parks office in Strahan or Queenstown during normal business hours.
4WD Tasmania’s environment officer would like to inform all users of the Mt Huxley track on the West Coast, and that it is now under the management of Forestry Tasmania. Seeing Forestry may not recognise this as an existing 4WD Track, users are encouraged to push to use it and should not be discouraged from using this track.

Tassie Maps
Maps for the tracks in the Southern Forest Loop are now available. See the maps link at,, to view them in PDF format.

  Tasmanin Online:
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