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® - A Bloke's Meal or One for the Boys

SPAM Fritters


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SPAM® - A Block's Meal or One for the Boys

Love it, or hate it, most people know the brand-name of SPAM®, but we'd suggest if you are going to cook it for dinner, you will more than likely hear a lot of, ‘no way, I’m not eating that’. However, Ron has said many times that he will eat SPAM® and enjoy it. As such, it’s a great blokes standby and easy enough for them to take away on a camping trip, and more importantly cook!! It also doesn’t need refrigeration, another plus.

While we were travelling in American last year I came across an actual SPAM Cookbook with lots of recipes, and information about SPAM®. It was quite an eye opening.

Did you know that SPAM is, in fact, only six simple ingredients and is mainly a blend of chopped pork and ham.

It was first developed in the 1930s by Jay C. Harmel, president of Geo. A. Hormel & Co., as a way to use up the pork shoulder meat left over from the pork industry. During WWII it was used to feed the troops, including US and Russian personnel, as well as British troops and civilians as fresh meat was heavily rationed. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons it got a bad rap, as the troops were thoroughly sick of it, having had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They say that today there are 12.8 cans of SPAM® products eaten every second and there’s even SPAM festivals held all over the USA.

Today SPAM is sold in virtually every grocery store in Australia and we've found it easy to get wherever we go. You can now also get SPAM is a range of flavours, including hot and spicy.

If the recipes below make you want to try some more ways to cook SPAM, then check out the following web sites:








Without doubt one of the best ways to serve SPAM® is as a fritter – dipped in batter and fried.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 3 to 6 minutes per batch
Serves: 4

1 x  340gm or 12 oz. can SPAM® - Classic, or try one of the other flavours, such as Hot & Spicy.
Oil – enough to shallow frying (when camping it’s a lot easier to shallow fry, than deep fry)

1 cup of plain flour
pinch salt
1 large egg
½ cup cold milk – or milk and water, or better still, COLD beer!!

Make the batter mix by combining all the batter ingredients in a bowl. It should be a thick mixture so that it coats the SPAM® well.

Cut the SPAM® into 7 to 8 slices (you don’t want them too thick) and pat dry.
Heat the oil in a pan until it’s hot. You’ll need enough to give a good cover in the bottom of the pan.

A good way for a bloke to check if the oil is hot enough is to put the handle of a wooden spoon into the oil and if bubbles form around it them it’s hot enough, OR, drop a cube of day-old bread into the oil and when it turns golden in 1 minute the oil is ready.

Dip eachSPAM® slice into the batter mix once or twice and then drop carefully into the hot oil. I found it best to use a fork and pick up each piece with that by sticking it into the slice and lifting out. This way you didn’t remove the batter coating from the slice as you tried to remove it from the batter.

Shallow fry for about 2 to 3 minutes on each side until golden brown and crisp. Drain on some paper towel and serve with some mashed potatoes.

Viv’s Hint: to make it even easier, buy a packet of  ‘batter mix’ and all you have to do is add the liquid and mix. Follow the packet directions and if you want use beer as the liquid. Could a bloke ask for more!!




Crumbed SPAM® Slices
Another great way to fry SPAM® is to crumb it, instead of using a batter. It’s a bit messier, and more time consuming, but if you like crumbed meat then you will really like this method.

1 cup plain flour
2 to 3 large eggs - beaten
1 1/2 cups *Panko bread crumbs (or breadcrumbs of your choice, but I especially love the crunch of Panko)
salt and pepper, to taste

Place flour, eggs and panko crumbs into three separate dishes.
Dip each slice of SPAM® first into the flour, giving it a good coating, then dip into the beaten eggs, again making sure it is evenly coated, and lastly drop the slice into the crumb mix and spoon crumbs over the top and press down before turning over and spooning more crumbs over the top and pressing down. This way it’s easier to handle and is completely covered in a good coating of crumbs.
Shallow fry as above until golden brown on both sides.
* Panko is a variety of flaky breadcrumb used in Japanese cuisine as a crunch coating for fried foods


Viv’s Hints: Here are a few ideas to make the most out of a can of SPAM®:
Add it to a potato salad – cut into small cubes.
Add it to fried rice – cut into cubes and sauté until browned.
Add it to scrambled eggs – cut into cubes and sauté until browned.
Add it to spaghetti carbonara – cut into cubes and sauté until browned.
Add it to a couple of fried eggs - just slice it and fry it.
Add it to a few slices of pineapple - slice it and fry it with the pineapple.
Make a toasted cheese, ham and egg sandwich.



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