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The Doctor's Apricot Chicken

This great dish was made for us on our trip in the Kimberley’s mid 2016. Rob and Rosie were our travelling companions for a few weeks and she cooked up this delicious meal one evening. Given to her by a South African Doctor friend, it will definitely be added to our ‘go to’ meals for when we are away (and at home!!).

Cooked in an oven bag in your camp oven (or at home in the oven), this method not only keeps your camp oven clean, but also retains all the lovely juices and the chicken is lovely and moist. No problem if you don’t have an oven bag, just put everything straight into your camp oven.

It can be a one-dish meal, or served on a bed of rice to soak up all the nummy juices.

An ‘up sized’ version of the good old ‘Chicken in Apricot Nectar’, it is chock full of goodies and flavour. South African’s sure know how to get a lot of flavour into a meal.

It’s sure to become your new favourite recipe.


doctor's apricot chicken Viv Moon

doctor's apricot chicken Viv Moon

doctor's apricot chicken Viv Moon


The Doctor's Apricot Chicken

Prep time:  15 to 20 mins to prepare all the veggies
Cooking time:  30 to 45 mins (depends on the size of your chicken pieces)
Serves: 4 to 6

6 to 8 pieces chicken – thighs/Maryland/legs (if using Maryland, cut thigh from leg)
1 good cup of dried apricots (or use more or less!!)
½ cup sultanas (more or less to taste – optional)
2 x med onions – cut into wedges
2 x large carrots – cut into large chunks roughly 5cm (2”)
2 x sticks celery – cut into large chunks roughly 5cm (2”)
10 x new baby potatoes (if they are really small leave them whole, if not cut in half)

For the sauce:
2 tspns turmeric powder
2 tspns sweet paprika powder
2 tblspns curry powder
2 tblspns mango chutney
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 x med can Apricot Nectar
3 cups water

Prepare your coals. You don’t need to preheat your camp oven. If baking at home, preheat your oven to 180°C.
Make sure you buy the ‘big’ oven bags, and use two (one inside the other) to add strength and stop the bag splitting.
If baking in your camp oven, line the oven with foil, just in case the oven bag does split. At least you won’t have such a mess to clean up.
Prepare the chicken – cut thighs in half, or if using Maryland cut the leg from the thigh so you have two pieces.
Prepare all the vegetables – cut into large pieces so they hold their shape and don’t fall apart before the chicken is cooked.
Make up the sauce by mixing all the dry ingredients together first in a large bowl or jug and then add the wet ingredients and mix well to combine.
Now you’ve got everything ready, place the oven bag in your camp oven, or in an ovenproof dish if baking at home.
Place the chicken in the bottom of the oven bag, add the veggies and then pour in the sauce.
Seal the bag, poke in a couple of holes near the top of the bag.
Place your camp oven on a bed of coals, put on the lid and add some coals to the lid. You don’t want the coals to be too hot as this meal is best cooked slowly and allowed to simmer away gently.
If you don’t want to cook over coals, cook on your gas stovetop.
You can serve it as is, or on a bed of rice.

Viv’s Hints: You could add whatever vegetables you like, such as sweet potato – peeled and cut into large chunks. Also some green beans, cut into large pieces.
If you are feeding a crowd and using more chicken and veggies, you may need to add more water so you have plenty of lovely juices. Also you may need to forget the oven bag as you won’t have room is you make up a large quantity.



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