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Muffins are a favourite snack with that morning cuppa, or anytime really. And believe it or not they are easy to cook in your camp oven. I've made them quite a few times, normally in a muffin tin. I tend to use the large six-muffin tin, with the sides bent up so it will fit into a large camp oven. Don't forget to place the pan on a trivet and bake as usual.

DO NOT overmix the muffin mixture when combing the dry and liquid ingredients and use a large fork or knife. The less you mix it, the lighter the muffins will be. The same process as for scones. Also, I find, even with the non-stick muffin tins, that if I go to the effort to line the bottoms of the tins with baking paper it makes it so much easier to get the muffins out in one piece. Or better still use muffin paper liners.

This recipe cooks the muffin as one large muffin and it can be place directly into a small camp oven. Having done that, and it was successful, however next time I'd either line the camp oven with baking paper, or put the muffin mix into a separate ovenproof dish and place that inside the camp oven on a trivet.


Giant Blueberry Camp Oven Muffin

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 25 to 45 mins (depends of the heat from your coals)
Serves 8

4 tblspns butter - melted
1 cup caster sugar (best to use if you’ve got it, otherwise it’s a lot harder to cream with the butter, and the sugar granules don’t quite dissolve)
1 egg - beaten
1 cup milk
1 cup fresh blueberries (or frozen work really well)
2 cups plain flour
2 tspns baking powder
pinch of salt
Fresh cream (to serve)

Get your fire going and have some coals ready.
Preheat your camp oven so it’s hot when you add the muffin mix.
You need a small camp oven - or use a cake pan, an ovenproof dish or high-sided enamel dish that fits inside your camp oven, in which to bake the muffin. If you use a large camp oven or baking dish you’ll have a pancake, and not a muffin!!
Line your camp oven (or baking dish) with some baking paper, coming all the way up the sides of the oven, to help prevent the sides burning as best you can.

Get all your ingredients measured and ready to use.

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl and set aside.

In a separate bowl, sprinkle the blueberries with about 1 tablespoon of plain flour and mix gently to coat and set aside. (This will help stop the berries sinking to the bottom of the batter.)

In another large basin, mix the butter and sugar together until well combined and it has ‘creamed’ at least a little.

Add the egg and milk, and again stir until everything is well combined.

To the wet ingredient mix, add the sifted flour/baking powder/salt and gently fold and mix until it all just comes together. Mix as little as possible (don’t over mix) or you’ll have a heavy muffin!!! Treat it like scone dough.

Add the floured berries and fold them through very gently so the berries are just combined and spread evenly as you can through the batter.

Spoon this batter into your prepared camp oven or baking dish.
If using a baking dish place it on a trivet inside your camp oven.


Put the lid on the camp oven, place the oven on a bed of coals over a medium heat for about 25 to 30 minutes. Add some coals on the lid as well.

Cooking time will depend on the heat you get generated from your coals. When baking this muffin I had terrible coals, and they needed replacing 3 times before the muffin was cooked. The muffin turned out great, and in fact the slower cooking worked well. And while the sides of the camp oven looked burnt, the actual muffin, while well browned on the outside, wasn’t burnt. You are better to cook it slower, than faster, as all you’ll get is a burnt muffin on the outside, and uncooked batter on the inside. Also, taking the lid off a few times to check didn’t seem to affect how the muffin cooked – it still rose nicely and with a good texture.

The muffin is ready when the top is firm to touch and it is cooked through. Test by inserting a skewer or knife in the middle and if it comes out clean, it is cooked.
When cooked, remove from the camp oven (or baking dish) and let the muffin cool a little before serving with a dollop of cream. It was still good the next day for morning tea.




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