Pot Roast Sandwich

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POT ROASTS IN THE CAMP OVEN (or heavy based saucepan)

Meat, cook over a low heat, in liquid, for a long period of time, allows the maximum flavour to develop and the meat to become very tender.
You can use any type of meat; not just topside which is the most popular, but rolled beef and brisket.

You can also easily make it a one-pot meal, by adding a few vegetables, and your camp oven is ideal for cooking pot roast. The longer, and slower you cook a pot roast, the more tender it will be by dissolving nearly all the fat and connective tissue; just remember to keep a check on the liquid and make sure it doesn’t evaporate.

• Place a sheet of foil over the top of the camp oven and fold down around the sides then put on the lid. This will help make a better seal and prevent the liquid from evaporating.
• Make sure you cook the pot roast gently.
• Keep a check on the liquid and add more stock/wine during cooking if necessary.
• Make a few slits in your meat and fill with garlic before browning.
• Rub the meat with a little oil and a good sprinkling of salt and pepper before browning.

Note: If you are travelling in a caravan and spend some time on power and carry a slow cooker, then it’s ideal for cooking pot roasts.

pot roastBeef and Horseradish/maple syrup/balsamic Pot Roast Sandwich
Serves 4 to 6 – yummy!!! .

Cooking time: 3 to 5 hours in slow cooker, or 1 1/2 hrs or so on stove top or in a camp oven.

1kg beef joint such as topside
1 tblspn horseradish cream
1 tblspn Worcestershire sauce
3 tblspns tomato sauce
1 tblspn balsamic vinegar
2 tblspns maple syrup
4 tblspns water or stock

Slow Cooker Method:
Preheat the slow cooker on high.
Wipe the joint of meat dry and place in the slow cooker cooking pot.
In a small bowl, mix the remaining ingredients (sauces) and pour over the meat.
Cover and cook on high for 3 to 5 hours.
Remove the meat and allow to cool slightly before slicing.

To thicken the sauce, remove from the cooking pot and place the liquid in a saucepan. Put over high heat and boil until it has reduced and thickened.

Camp Oven Method:
Brown the meat in a little hot oil in your camp oven, or large deep saucepan.
Double the remaining ingredients and combine, then pour over the meat. (You may need to add a little more water or stock.)
Bring to the boil, then cover tightly and reduce the heat to a very gentle simmer and cook until very tender – about 1 ½ hr to 2 hours or so.
During the cooking, spoon the juices over the meat a few times. You may need to add some more water during cooking if it is evaporating too much.
Can be served on toasted rolls with slices of tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and grated cheese and topped with salad greens of your choice.


Red Wine Pot Roast with Honey and Thyme
Serves: 6 servings

1kg beef joint such as topside
2 onions - chopped
4 cloves garlic - crushed (or used readymade minced garlic)
4 medium carrots - peeled and chopped into large pieces
2 cups chicken, beef, or vegetable stock (low salt preferred)
2 cups good red wine (with some body)
2 1/2 tblspns honey
4 to 6 small sprigs fresh thyme (or use some dried thyme - try about 2 tspns and see how strong the flavour is, add more if you want)
3 to 4 large potatoes - peeled and cut into large cubes
salt, pepper

In your camp oven, or a large heavy based saucepan, heat some oil then add the meat and brown well on all sides.
Remove and set aside.
Lower heat to medium and saute the onions and garlic for a few minutes.
Add the stock, wine, honey and thyme and stir to cobmine. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Bring to the boil.
Return the browned beef to the pan and spoon over the liquid.
Cover and cook gently over heat for about 1 hour (this can be over a fire, or on your stove top, or in your oven at home). During the cooking time turn the meat over and spoon over the liquid.
Add the potatoes and carrots to the pan, cover, and continue to cook for another 45 mins to 1 hour, or until the vegetables are tender and the meat if very tender.

Viv's hint: If at home you could bake this in a moderate oven 180 degrees C.

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