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You see lots of products displayed at the 4WD Shows and the like, and I must admit I go past many with only a cursory glance, and I have to be honest and say that is what I’d done in the past with the Portable Dream-Pot™. That is until a close friend asked if I had tried one. It was obvious from our discussion that she had one and was quite enthusiastic about it and what it could do, and how great it was both camping and caravanning.

So, with her words echoing in my head, I stopped and had a closer look at the Dream-Pot™ at the last 4x4 Show in Melbourne. And, I’ve got to say that I was indeed impressed. It had many attributes that made it very handy for travelling, as well as lots of useful applications when at home, and the goodies it produced were many and varied, far beyond my expectations, including soups, casseroles, desserts, bread and scones (yes, scones!!).

As the name suggests, this appliance is portable, and the best way I can describe it is a non-electrical slow cooker with no power source other than its own Thermo capabilities. It has a double layer design, with the outer shell made from special heat insulation material, while the inner pots are stainless steel (easy cleaning!). It can be used to Thermo cook or maintain hot or cold temperatures without the need for electricity or any other fuel. It cannot boil over, burn or dry out, is safe, cost saving and multi-functional.

The Dream-Pot can be used to cook rice; as a warming oven; cooler; ice bucket and more. It also saves space, a lot of gas and is safe and easy to clean. The procedure is simple. Start the meal cooking on your stove for the short time required and then leave the Dream-Pot in the tent or camper van to safely continue cooking. On your return, your lovely hot evening meal is ready and waiting.

So, needless to say I’ve been giving one a go over the last couple of months. I’ve cooked rice in it, used it as a food warmer, cooked casseroles, sweets and scones, all of which worked really well. It has now become a part of my cooking gear when we head off on our travels.

For more information and details on the Dream-Pot check out their web site: www.dreampot.com.au, or contact them at 259 Denison Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700, ph: (07) 4927 3300, fax: (07) 4922 4862, free Call 1800 636 073, email: gbw@dreampot.com.au.

The following recipes are just a couple that I have tried, and have reprinted them with the kind permission of Dream-Pot. While you might not have a unit, you can certainly use the recipes in the normal cooking process, but hopefully they will whet your appetite to have a closer look at this remarkable appliance that has so many applications for the camper.


PotjieCorned Meat
Boiling time on stove: 20 minutes
Cooking time in the Dream-Pot: 3 hours

1 1/2 kg piece corned silverside
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup brown vinegar
1 tblspn French mustard

Place all ingredients into large inner pot. Cover until 2/3 full with water and bring to the boil stirring occasionally.
Gently boil on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Without lifting the lid, transfer to the outer pot for 3 hours minimum.


wafflesBread & Butter Pudding
Boiling time on stove: 10 minutes
Cooking time in Dream-Pot: 1 1/2 hours minimum.

1 cup milk
1 tblspn sugar
1 egg
Vanilla essence
2 tblspns sultanas
2 slices bread buttered and spread with jam and then cut into fingers


Warm the milk with the sugar in the small inner pot.
Beat egg and add to warm milk with vanilla. Stir in sultanas.
Place bread on top of milk mixture.
Sprinkle with nutmeg and coconut.
Almost 1/2 fill large inner pot with hot water and bring to the boil
Place the small inner pot into the large inner pot. Put on the lid.
Slow boil for 10 minutes on the stove (as a double saucepan).
Place complete 2 inner pots into the Dream-Pot.
Let stand for minimum time.



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