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We now have ourselves a caravan! It’s a Trakmaster Gibson – the smallest they make.

This purpose built unit has been designed by Trakmaster to meet the needs of those who want a compact rugged off-road rig that provides all the necessary comforts for the remote area traveller.

It sounded so good we went and bought one! But not before doing a lot of research and even trying a few different offroad vans!

To read all about our Trakmaster Gibson van, click on the Trakmaster pics or the word links: Ron & Viv Moon's Trakmaster Gibson Van.

You can contact Trakmaster to learn more about the Gibson and the other models available on their web site: www.trakmaster.com.au/.


candy camper


We’ve set the Patrol up with a Candy Canvas Carry Me Camper (now Jacksons Carry Me Camper) for our big overland trips and Australian adventures.
Over the years while we were travelling with Macca and Karen from Red Desert Tours we’ve always been impressed with the speed and ease of the set-up of their Carry Me Camper unit. We opted for the standard camper unit that was suitable for a dual cab ute. To read all about our unit click on the Camper Van pic or the word links: Ron & Viv Moon's Candy Camper.

UPDATE: After careful consideration from Sandy and Phil, Candy Canvas decided to sell the 'Carry Me Camper' franchise to Jacksons 4x4 Accessories who they knew would do a wonderful job and carry on the brand with new and fresh eyes. Candy Canvas continues to make the canvas work for Jacksons 4x4 Accessories.

For more information on the Carry Me Camper range contact Jacksons 4x4 Accessories, or for details of any of the great range of canvas products from Candy Canvas, check the web at: www.candycanvas.com.au.



The last Tvan we had was a Murranji T-van – you can’t get too much of a good thing!

As soon as you see it you know it is a Track Tvan … but just a quickly you realise that there is something very different about this camper that separates it from its older siblings.

The sharp angular profile may look the same and the chassis and that incredible long travel MC-2 independent suspension may have remained completely unchanged, but nearly everything else has been revised, improved or modified in this all-new Mk3 Tvan.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the body construction is now made using Track's unique frameless aluminium bonded and riveted wall system incorporating high density closed cell foam insulation and a riveted exoskeleton construction which enhances body strength and provides effective impact protection on all wall corners.

The latest models are even better, with the MK4 now available, along with the Topaz and Track Mate. Check them all out on their web site: www.tracktrailer.com.au/

To read all about our T-van click on the T-van pics or the word links: Ron & Viv Moon's T-van.

See you in the bush.

Ron and Viv.