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After 30 years of writing and publishing our guidebooks, and after a lot of thought and consideration, we handed over the titles of our guidebooks and ebook guides to HEMA Maps ( (as of early 2016).

This has freed us up to concentrate on writing articles of our travels for various magazines and other publications.

We are however contributing to updating and writing some of HEMA’s Atlas & Guides, and as such our own guidebooks, along with all our knowledge and expertise, will be incorporated into their publications.

Hema Maps has produced new editions of their Cape York Atlas & Guide, along with The Kimberley Atlas & Guide - both of which have incorporated some of our information. A new Flinders Ranges Atlas & Guide is currently in production.

We would like to thank everyone who purchased copies of our guidebooks for all their support and we hope we made your travels that much more enjoyable, and will continue to do so through our association with Hema Maps.


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