HOT SPOT - GOVE PENINSULA, Northern Territory

Gove Peninsula Aboriginal Culture


Gove Peninsula, NT

This time of the year is the time to head north so why not head to Gove and the township of Nhulunbuy.

The road to the Gove Peninsula cuts across the vast ancient expanse of Arnhem Land. For that reason you need a transit permit from the Northern Land Council, but this is free and reasonably easy to get as long as you have booked accommodation or are staying with friends.

Gove Peninsula beach driving There’s really only one place to stop along the way for an overnight camp – and that’s near the Mainoru store and the river of the same name. Located about 250km from Katherine and 470km from Nhulunbuy it’s a good spot to stop.

Once in Nhulunbuy there are a few places where accommodation is available including self-catered accommodation. After sorting your accommodation out, you can start to enjoy some of the fabulous beaches, fishing, diving and culture this area has to offer.

While the general visitor permit is valid for two months and gives you access to a large number of nearby beaches and streams, one of the best excursions is the trip to historic Cape Arnhem, but this requires a special permit.

Gove Peninsula FishingThe trek to Cape Arnhem takes you south of the town and continues on through tropical scrub country and then across rolling well-vegetated dunes. The beach appears suddenly as you crest a big dune and from there drops onto the soft bare sand where wind and tide have conspired to wash ashore a near continuous strip of man-made and discarded flotsam and jetsam. In places along the beach the tracks of turtles coming ashore to nest can be seen, while the beaches themselves are delightful with pleasant spots to camp under a couple of coastal she-oaks.

When you have done with the land discovery there's always the fishing. A couple of charter boat operators can organise day trips to the nearby offshore reefs or longer forays to the more distant islands. While the fishing can be mind blowing, the diving is also pretty good.

For more info on this fantastic trip see our book, published by Hema Maps, Discover Australia by 4WD.