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Dirt Road Diaries Ron Moon


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Dirt Road Diaries

Welcome to our travels in Australia and around the world on dirt tracks, ice roads and gravel highways. We hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get out and see more of this wonderful planet, we call 'Earth'.


south america overland
Africa 2007
Europe/Russia/Kazakhstan/Mongolia 2008
South & Central America 2011
North America - USA/Canada/Alaska 2012
Ice Roads - Canada 2013
USA: Arizona/Nevada/Utah/New Mexico & Texas 2014
North America – USA/Mexico/Cuba/USA/Canada 2015


travelpod ron moon africa overland russia overland overseas trips 4wd trips in australia expeditions If you'd like to read lots more about our trips both in Australia and Overseas (Overland trips: Africa; Europe/Russia/Kazakastan/Mongolia; South & Central America; North America) - as well as see hundreds of pictures, then check out our TravelPod page at:


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