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Also available Viv Moon's OUTDOOR Cookbook -
together they make a great collection of recipes.

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Viv Moon's Traveller's Cookbook

Spiral bound, 136 pages, 16 page front four colour section, 8 page middle 4xcolour section, spot red and black & white publication.

Following on from the success of Viv's first cookbook, Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook, this new cookbook, a compendium and partner to the first, will also become a must have and has been written to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are caravanning, camping, 4WD touring or simply holidaying.

Full of wide variety of recipes, from good old fashioned, flavoursome dishes to more modern cuisine and lighter meals, the recipes are easy, simple and delicious and have been adapted to suit cooking in a wide range of circumstances.

The Traveller's Cookbook has loads of recipes to choose from, 186 in all, along with some very helpful chapters on 'Handy Hints' and 'Ingredient Glossary & Possible Substitutes'. There is also in invaluable and very comprehensive chapter on 'Weights, Measures & Conversions' which will help you convert weights to cup measurements.
Apple pie chicken noodle soup Naan bread
Apple Pie
Chicken Corn Noodle Soup
Naan Bread 

This book will expand your recipe ideas and enable you to cook confidently and successfully as well as help you serve up simple yet interesting and satisfying meals to your family, while on your travels, on the BBQ or at home.

This is a great compendium and partner to Viv's first Outdoor Cookbook which itself is a complete guide to outdoor cooking, with chapters on Meal Planning, Food Preparation & Packing, as well as cooking with camp ovens and cooking equipment. For details on this book click on this link.

Viv & Ron’s knowledge of all things to do with touring Australia, including cooking in the great outdoors, is vast and extensive. Together they have also written 13 guidebooks, produced a variety of videos/DVDs and write for a wide range of magazines.

Viv commenced writing her Camp Fire Cooking column in the 4x4 Australia magazine 25 years ago, and today her column is still one of the most popular features in that magazine. Over the last 20 years she has been called upon to cater and cook on a number of large 4WD expeditions and for TV documentary shoots in remote areas. Many skills, not only cooking, were honed during those trips and Viv's meals and cooking prowess are highly regarded by many far and wide.

This, Viv's second cookbook, is a further culmination of many years of outdoor cooking experience and expertise, now passed onto you.

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Viv's COOKBOOKS - Outdoor Cookbook & Traveller's Cookbook -
together they make a great compendium of recipes.

Auspit BBQ prawns Pasta
Carrot & Museli Slice
Tispy Prawns
 Pineapple Tart


"... The book is just great - so helpful - congratulations on its birth. Hope you sell millions. I found a copy in our library last week and simply had to have one of my own!"
Mrs S. Hogg

Read the review by Bonnie Neely - the owner, chief writer, editor for Real Travel Adventures International Magazin, as well as being one of the top reviewers for, a professional writer for over thirty years, a member of American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the International Travel Writers Association:

Traveller's Cookbook by Viv Moon If you like Viv's Outdoor Cookbook, be sure to order this one, which is for cookin ANYWHERE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Viv has complied her best and easiest recipes and also added a lot of useful hints.  She has included a great table of substitutions and equivalents for weights and measures, and also for conversion of oven temperatures in different countries (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Gas, etc.) She has an excellent Ingredient Glossary, which explains what an item is that may not be familiar to your ingredients and familiar items for cooking at home. With this book you can be a great cook anywhere there is fire or heat on which to cook!  And she takes the task-master into consideration with her great tips for cooking not only with a flair but with great ease, even in strange kitchens or the woods or desert. With the ease of these delicious recipes, you'll probably make this your favorite cookbook for home, and you'll definitely pop it into your luggage for every trip! . Excellent!!!



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