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Viv Moon's OUTDOOR & TRVELLERS' cCookbook

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Also available Viv Moon's TRAVELLERS' Cookbook
together they make a great collection of recipes.

Camp ovens
Viv & Ron Moon have spent much of their lives exploring and writing about Australia’s wild and remote areas. In their travels they combine many interests such as 4wd touring, camping, canoeing, photography and camp fire cooking.

Viv commenced writing her Camp Fire Cooking column in the 4x4 Australia magazine over 25 years ago, and today her column is still one of the most popular features in that magazine.
Camp oven bread

Over the last 25 years Viv has been called upon to cater and cook on a number of large 4WD expeditions and for TV documentary shoots in remote areas. Planning and preparation were essential, with no supermarket or roadhouse nearby to replenish supplies, and many skills, not only cooking, were honed during those trips. Her meals and cooking prowess are highly regarded by many far and wide.

This book has been written specifically to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are 4WD touring, camping, caravanning or simply holidaying.
Vanilla Slices
The 178 recipes throughout the book are easy, simple and delicious, using ingredients that are readily available wherever you may be travelling and have been carefully selected and adapted to suit cooking in a wide range of circumstances.

Discover how simple it is to use a camp oven to make great bread, fluffy scones, succulent roasts and more. Learn the skills needed to cook well over an open fire, or simply enjoy the recipes that can be cooked on top of your gas stove or in your caravan’s kitchen.
Upside Down Pineapple cake
This book will enable you to cook confidently and successfully as well as expand your cooking skills and help you serve up simple yet interesting and satisfying meals to your family, while on your travels, or for that matter, at home.

Viv & Ron’s knowledge of all things to do with touring Australia, including cooking in the great outdoors, is vast and extensive. Together they have also written 13 guide books, produced a variety of videos and write for a wide range of magazines.

This cookbook is a culmination of many years of outdoor cooking experience and expertise, now passed onto you.
Hazlenut slice
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Traveller's Cookbook



Following on from the success of Viv's first cookbook, Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook, this compendium and partner cookbook is full of lots of new recipes and is sure to also become a must have and has been written to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are caravanning, camping, 4WD touring or simply holidaying.

Viv Moon's Traveller's Cookbook
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Read what just a few purchasers and happy cooks have to say to Viv after getting a copy of the cookbook:

Dear Ron and Viv,
We’re a retailer in WA sells your books and guides, which we think are fantastic. We specialise in the motorcycle and bicycle travel market. The Bight & Nullarbor guide has been a particular hit for our customers willing to take the journey from Perth a little more slowly (as we’ve done!).
In response to requests for more information about camp food, I recently brought in Viv’s Outdoor Cooking book. I wrote a review in our newsletter before Xmas and found myself drooling and remembering 4WD camping trips with my family as a kid! As camp ovens and freezers aren’t (normally) possible for bike riders, it was great to see the range of options that the adaptable person could take from your book. It led me to experiment more with our (already pretty good!) repertoire of meals during our Xmas trip, including exploring dehydrating food. But I have to say, the absolute winner was the Jam Sandwich Donut! That’s definitely staying on the menu.
Anyway, just saying thanks for providing such great resources.
Cheers, Tamara, Overland Adventure Equipment.


As a purchaser of your Outdoor Cookbook some years ago I am writing to say how impressed I am with its contents.
The front cover states: “Your Complete Guide to Cooking For Camp ovens, Camp fires, Gas stoves, BBQ/Grills, In Your Caravan or Camper.....but it is also the complete cookbook for Australia’s beekeepers!!
As beekeepers are often in the situation of camping away from home to attend to their hives the book is a great reference regards food preparation and packing ..... and a great source of excellent recipes. Your recipes are simple, straightforward and make use of readily available important feature when one is out in the bush and packing space is a priority. Of course an appealing aspect of your book for beekeepers are the number of sumptuous recipes that make use of honey!
Best regards,
Paul Frost

"We recently purchased a copy of Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook. It would have to be the best book I have ever bought. Out of all my cookbooks that I have bought over the years this book certainly tops them all. I use the recipes for everyday cooking. My young children are also wanting to use the cookbook to make things. This book has been great as I am only new to camping but my husband is not. Every time we went away he was complaining of all the stuff I was packing. Now I am learning what things to pack but more importantly how to pack them. The handy hints is great also. We took the kids away for a week and where we were camped a few people commended us on how we packed things. One lady even said I was such a good cook. I show everyone your book and tell them to get a copy of it. I would like to thank you and your husband on putting out such a wonderful book. It must of took up a lot of your time and effort and the results are just wonderful. You should be very proud of yourselves.
Thankyou so much."
Sharon and Greg Dowd

"I just had to let you know how very impressed we both are with your Outdoor Cookbook. When you pick the book up it's the right size, the spiral binder is an excellent idea and things just get better. It is obvious that you have spent a great deal of time putting this book together and it shows, things are logical and in the right places, each recipe is clear and easy to understand, every page says that you want your readers to get the maximum benefit from your recipes, and what a great mouth watering selection this book has. So many books these days promise the world and have great covers, but when you get inside they tell you almost nothing. This book is an example of just how it should be done. I can assure you that many of these recipes will be tried long before we again get out into the bush. So, many thanks for taking the trouble to write this book so that us lesser experienced people can enjoy the bush as you so obviously do."
John & Carolyn of Sommers

"I just wanted to tell you that I think your Outdoor Cookbook is terrific. I have only had it a week, and I haven't got outside the kitchen yet, but have made several of your recipes and they have all worked well. Thanks for a great book."
Mary Hayden

"Many thanks for the prompt delivery of Viv's cookbook. I was a little apprehensive of buying it and nearly baulked at the price. I'm glad I didn't! I consider it one of the best books I've bought over the years. The first part of the book that deals with equipment, etc, was outstanding, as was the simple (no lengthy method/preparation etc) yet more than adequate recipe section. I'll certainly recommend it to friends."
Bob MacFarlane

"I am a dreadful cook but since I have started using your cook book, my whole family is wrapped, they all say that each dinner is now eadible and they look forward to dinner time!! I would like to thank you for that."
Sharon and Darren Graham

Read the review by Bonnie Neely - the owner, chief writer, editor for Real Travel Adventures International Magazin, as well as being one of the top reviewers for, a professional writer for over thirty years, a member of American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the International Travel Writers Association:

Outdoor Cookbook by Viv Moon is Your Complete Guide to Cooking for comp fires, gas stoves, bbq grills, RV's and tent camping. Viv, an Aussie outdoor cooking writer for twenty years, has the practical and personal experience and expertise to write this book, as she and her husband have camped all over Australia as outdoor travel writers. She gives great tips for planning and orgainzing your trip equipment and cooking supplies, while paring it down to easy-to-pack, small space items that are indespensible. She gives nearly 200 easy recipes to fill the heartiest of outdoor appetites, while giving the cook an easy preparation. Her hints and ideas are practical and immensely helpful. This very complete book is a must for ANY outdoor experience, and she converts the measurements for both American and International equivalents. Excellent!!!

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