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From time to time, as updates to the information in Viv's Cookbooks occurs, we will post them here at our updates page.

Outdoor Cooking Knowhow:
pages 10 & 11

Quarantine Regulations & Checkpoints
There have been a few changes to web sites and phone numbers for the various States and Quarantine information. Download this pdf file for a correction version of those pages,

Ckbk Quarantine Regulations Outdoor_Travellers eckbk


Planning & Preparation:
page 22

Cast Alloy Camp Oven
Nu-Spray Foundry, which manufactured a range of cast aluminium cookware, is no longer operational.

Hillbilly Camping Oven

Change of email address for Hillbilly Camping Gear:

Smoke Ovens
Change of email address for Nipper Kipper Smoke Oven:

Soups: Tom Yum Soup
page 43
Slight hiccup - forgot to include the chicken stock needed to finish off the soup.

The ingredients should include:
4 to 5 cups hot chicken stock

After adding the Udon Noodles, the recipe should read:

Add the Udon noodles, combine, and then add enough hot chicken stock to make up the desired amount of liquid you like in your soup. Bring the soup to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 5 mins or until the vetegables are cooked to your taste. If using prawns, don’t add them until the last couple of minutes, just to heat through

Breakfast: Bubble & Squeak
page 43
Addition of egg in Method:

Mash and mix together as best you can the cooked, cold vegetables, add the egg and then the cooked bacon, then shape into patties.

Pies & Slices: Easy Quiche
page 48
Addition of measurement in Ingredients:
1/2 cup self-raising flour
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