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Follow Ron & Viv Moon as they continue their travels and adventure - SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA & NORTH AMERICA OVERLAND.                

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route map south americaOur rough plan is to travel south from Santiago, Chile, through Patagonia to the southern most tip of Tierra del Fuego then north for the long haul thru' Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil where we'll visit the largest swamp in the world, the Pantanal, and the beaches of Rio. 

From Belem at the mouth of the Amazon, we’ll head west along this great river using a ferry and the notorious BR319 which heads southwest from Manus to finally cross the Andes into Bolivia.

From there it will be north through Peru and its fabulous monuments to Ecuador and a short detour out to the incredible Galapagos Islands.

Once back in Ecuador its north through Columbia and Venezuela before we ship from Cartegena to Panama around the infamous Darien Gap. We'll head up through Central America to Belize with its impressive diving and onto Mexico.  

Once we cross the border into the USA we'll make it a quick trip to LA where we’ll end our journey in mid October. The plan is to return to the States in April 2012 to continue our drive north through Canada and Alaska to the northernmost oil town of Barrow. After that who knows???

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