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Camping sites for South & Central America

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Rocky beach campMEXICOPlaya coyote



Freedom Shores Rv ParkFreedom Shores RV Park - Isla Aguada
GPS 18° 46' 55.7" N / 91° 29' 41.4 "W
Address: Fin de la Calle Marina s/n.
Well set up RV park, right on the waterfront of the Laguna de Terminos.
Cost 300 to 250 pesos, depending if you want a waterfront site.
The waterfront sites also have concreted paths and van sites.
Facilities include toilets/showers, restaurant/bar, hotel rooms. No wi-fi when we were there.


Rancho Hermanos GrahamRancho Hermanos Graham
GPS 18° 03' 18.3" N / 94° 06' 9.8 "W
Located on highway '180' near Agua Dulce - km 39, approx 113km west of Villahermosa.
Cost 200 pesos per vehicle.
Entrance is on the west side of the Pemex petrol station (No. 9851), through the gate into Ranch Graham.
You'll get directions to go around and up the hill to the parking/camping area.
This was obviously once a large complex, which is now derelict, but new owners are working on improving the site for RVs.
Facilities include a relatively new toilet/shower block, 110v electricity, water.
No wi-fi.
If it rains, the ground can get boggy.

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Rancho los mangos puerto angelRanch los mangosRancho Los Mangos - Puerto Angel
GPS 15° 39' 57.3" N / 96° 31' 10.7 "W
Cost 300 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Well setup with nice grounds. There are hard paved pads to park on (set up for RVs). Some with good shade. All have power/water and dumps. Facilities include toilets/cold shower, wi-fi and a big swimming pool. Accommodation is also available. It's just a short 5 minute walk to the beach, and restaurants.


cabanas se rentanCabanas se Rentan
GPS 16° 33' 28.5" N / 98° 48' 0.9 "W
Cost 150 pesos per night/per vehicle.
1.5km south of main highway 200, from town of Las Vigas - right on the beach.
Small family run cabanas set right on the beach, with camping possible between the cabanas if they aren't occupied. Space is tight.
Basic facilities with cold showers, and a toilet is available in one of the cabanas.
If the cabanas are all occupied you won't be able to stay.

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acapulco trailer parkacapulco Acapulco Trailer Park - Playa Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco
GPS 16° 54' 11.4" N / 99° 58' 33.1 "W
Cost 250 pesos per night/per vehicle.
A good place to setup and stop for a visit to Acapulco.
Great situation right on the beach (although it's too dangerous to swim - still a great outlook).
Hard packed sand makes for good setup.
Facilities include toilets/cold showers, power, water, wi-fi.
There a small swimming pool and a small grocery shop is located at the front gate.
You can get a taxi or bus into Acapulco.


playa azul hotelplaya azul hotel beachPlaya Azul Hotel - Playa Azul
GPS 17° 58' 56.3" N / 102° 21' 13.8 "W
Cost 250 pesos - per vehicle (2 people) / per night.
Hotel with camping space / parking area, just back from the beach.
Facilities included two large swimming pools, restaurant, wi-fi, electricity, toilets and cold showers.

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bungalows villamar melaque beachbeach melaque beachBungalows Villamar - Melaque Beach
GPS 19° 13' 23.2" N / 104° 42' 19.8 W
Cost 300 pesos - per vehicle (2 people) / per night.
A small hotel right on the beach with a small area that just fitted our two vehicles/campers in.
Good basic facilities with toilets and cold showers, electricy, water and wi-fi.


paraiso miramar hotelParaiso Miramar Hotel & RV Park - Cruz de Miramar
GPS 21° 26' 24.7" N / 105° 11' 29.7" W
Located on edge of a low cliff overlooking the sea.
Cost 300 pesos - per vehicle (2 people) / per night.
Facilities include RV parking, accommodation, bar and restaurant,wi-fi, toilets and showers.
It is a very pleasant location with well kept grounds a small 3-pool set-up and good facilities including power and WiFi.

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ferry crossing to La Paz Baja PeninsulaBAJA CALIFORNIA PENINSULA


sunset rocky beachBaja is a VERY popular destination for Americans and Canadians who flock here in their RVs during the cooler time of year, from around October through to April or so, when they all pack up and head north once again. During this peak time it can be difficult to get into the RV Parks, so best to book ahead if you can. Note prices given below were for the low season, expect to pay a lot more in the high season.



campesre maranatha RV parkCampestre Maranatha RV Park
GPS 24° 05' 47.8" N / 110° 23' 13.2" W
Cost: 180 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Campestre Maranatha is a Christian campground located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Large park, although not a lot of shade.
Good facilities - electricity, water, showers, wi-fi.
Nice coffee shop at the front entrance.

Boca del alamobeach campRocky beach Camp
On 4WD track to Boca del Alamo
GPS 23° 54' 47.4" N / 109° 49' 38.1" W
Beach camp in small rocky bay; no facilities (except drift wood for firewood).
This area was just big enough to fit both our rigs in.

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playa norte RV park los barrilesplaya norte RV park los barrilesPlaya Norte RV Park - Los Barriles
GPS 23° 42' 3.2" N / 109° 42' 3.3" W
Located right on the beach (although the park stretches back away from the beach for a few hundred metres), this large park is geared for all the 'Snow Birds' who come here during the months of October through to about April, when they all leave and head back north. Out of season, there's plenty of places to choose right on the beach.
Facilities included electricity, water, hot/cold showers, toilets, and wi-fi (up near the reception office).
Cost US$15 (when we were there in the hot off-season).


campestre la pila balneario rv parkCampestre La Pila Balneario RV Park - Ciudad Constitucion
GPS 25° 1' 2" N / 111° 40' 33.2" W
Cost: 125 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Located on the southwest side of town down a dusty road.
The large pool and bar/restaurant area is surrounded by green grass but the RV park is set in a dusty paddock off to one side.
Normal facilities included, and wi-fi.
We were lucky enough to be allowed to camp under the shade of some trees nearer the pool as there were no other RVs in the park.
The park is located outside of town and it's barren and dusty.

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loreto arearivera del mar rv park loretoRivera del Mar RV Park - Loreto
GPS 26° 1' 3.5" N / 111° 20' 44.2" W
Cost: 192 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Located a few hundred metres from the beach, this relatively small park it has a little bit of shade, but a great palapa (shelter shed) with tables and chairs. The space is a bit tight for big rigs.
Facilities include electricity, water, showers, BBQ area, laundry and wi-fi. Facilities are clean and well presented.
The Café Sagitario Restaurant and Bar is part of the park.
Pic above: View of the coast on the drive to Loreto.


playa coyotecamp beach playa coyotePlaya Coyote - Bahia Conception
GPS 26° 42' 49.9" N / 111° 54' 14.9" W
Located south of Mulege.
Beach camp with small palapas (shelters) and basic pit toilets. No other facilities.
beach playa coyoteThis was one of our favourite camping spots in all of Baja.
Cost was around US$5 per night/per vehicle.
Again, this is a very popular spot during the peak tourist season (October-April).


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guerrero negroMalarrimo Rv parkmalarrimoMalarrimo RV Park - Guerrero Negro

GPS 27° 58' 5.8" N / 114° 1' 48.3" W
Cost: 161 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Part of a hotel and restaurant - the restaurant being touted as the best in Baja by some guidebooks and locals! The meal wasn't bad.
The park has all the normal facilities as well as WiFi.
This is one of the towns where you can base yourself to see the whales.



Puerto San FrancisquitoSan Rafael Bay Cliff Camp
GPS 28° 34' 19.1" N / 113° 7' 13.7" W
North of Puerto San Francisquito.
Was one of a number of spots scattered close by but this one had a set of steps cut into the cliff face to give you easy access to the water.
No facilities - bush camp.

View of coast from San Rafael Bay Cliff Camp.

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daggetts camp sitescamping daggettsDaggett's Beach Camp - Bahia de Los Angeles
GPS 28° 58' 31.8" N / 113° 32' 49' W
Located bout 5km north of the heart of town and right on the coast.
Cost: 200 pesos per night/per vehicle.
The campers have the best sites close to the beach while the RV and others with power and big blocks are set back a hundred metres or more.
Ruben Daggett runs the place with his family which is one of the most popular camp spots around this area.
Facilities include shady palapas, but there's no power or water at the campsites for campers - water is only available from a tap near the toilets. fishing daggettsThere are basic, but clean, showers and toilets. There's also accommodation available.
bahia los angelesThere is WiFi, but only when the power is on, and it seems to go off regularly.
They have three good boats for fishing and snorkelling trips - hire cost is $250/half day (really from 6am till 2.30pm or so - which the sons generally take you out on. There's WiFi if there is power but that goes off regularly!

Catavaina Boulder Field


On the drive back across from the Gulf, west to El Rosario, you pass through the extensive Catavaina Boulder Field.


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posada don diego rv park san quintinPosada Don Diego RV Park
Just north of San Quintin and about 1.2km west of the highway.
GPS 30° 42' 43.7" N / 115° 59' 50.1" W
Cost: 180 pesos per night/per vehicle.
Quite good facilities including WiFi - although the area was dusty.
There also a good restaurant there.



estero beach resortestero beach resortEstero Beach Resort & RV Park - Estero Beach
GPS 31° 46' 34" N 116° 36' 40.2" W
Cost: US$25 per night/per vehicle.
Situated on the flats just back from the shallow inlet and sea of Estero Beach.
It is an upmarket US style resort with hotel, private accommodation and beaches, along with the camping area which is ideally situated along the water's edge. It is the best one we stayed in with great facilities.
The camping area has a great view over the flats which is alive with birds - thousands of pelicans, gulls, terns, waders, herons and more.

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