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Follow Ron & Viv Moon as they continue their travels and adventure - SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA NORTH AMERICA OVERLAND.                 Updated 2nd July 2012

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Camping sites for South & Central America

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Hotel Plaza Monte Carlo - Guayaquil
GPS 2° 8' 42.1" S / 79° 53' 17.5" W
Close to the airport, shopping centres, vehicle spares and repairs.
English speaking staff and a very helpful manager.
Secure car parking.
Well worth a stay if you need to stopover in Guayquil. Double room just US$55.


Beach Camp AyangueTourist Beach Camp - Ayangue
GPS 1° 58' 45.1" S / 80° 45' 19.6" W
At north end of a beach (bay) at Ayangue.
No facilities.
Camping/Cabanas nearby, but very steep sites - Laricarusa.







Hosteria Piqueros Patas Azules SalangoHosteria Piqueros Patas Azules SalangoHosteria Piqueros Patas Azules - Salango
GPS 1° 36' 40.3" S / 80° 50' 34.6" W
Situated on the beach, with shady camping sites.
Basic toilets and showers.
Hosteria Piqueros Patas Azules SalangoPower 110v only.
Bar, restaurant, wi-fi, cabanas, tours.
Just south of Salango. Camping US$5 per person/per night. (3 Camping areas within 5 to 7km along this coast.)


(3 Camping areas within 5 to 7km along this coast.)


Baloo Camp & CabanasBaloo Camp/Cabanas - Canoa
GPS 0° 28' 0.7" S / 80° 27' 19.1" W
Situated on road along the shorefront and run by an ex-Englishman oilworker - Phill.
A tight spot for vehicles, but we managed to get in.
Shower, toilets, bar, restaurant, power and wi-fi.






Milk Shed Camp - (behind a service station)
10km west of Pan American Highway junction on the road from the coast, and 50km south of Quito.
GPS 00° 26' 38.5" S / 78° 36' 24.8" W
The service station has toilets, showers, bar, restaurant within the service station, and a large parking area behind/beside it.
We were also beside a dairy farm - fresh milk direct from the cow!


Hotel Cuello de LunaCotopaxi

Hotel Cuello de Luna
- 50km south Quito on Pan American Highway
GPS 00°41'59.8"S 78°35'25.8"W
Situated about about 1km off the Pan American Highway, about 50km south of Quito.
Sign on road junction.
Run by an English speaking Swiss guy (Ishmael) the hotel (which has reasonably priced accommodation and meals) also has camping. Nice spot with great view of Volcano Cotopaxi.


Ricon del Viajero OtavaloRincon del Viajero (Camping) - Otavalo
GPS 00° 13' 7.4" N / 78° 16' 36.4" W
Situated on the road to Laguna Grande de Mojanda, just 1km from town, on the edge of town.
Run by Dennis, an ex-pat American and his Ecuadorian wife.
Ricon del ViajeroThe huge grassed camping area is actually in the grounds of their private house, with reasonable facilities, including camp kitchen, wi-fi, 110v and 220v power.
(You need to drop into town to the hostel of the same name to organise to camp and find out where to go - Address: Roca 11-07, corner of Quiroga y Quito Otavalo-Ecuador.)


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