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Follow Ron & Viv Moon as they continue their travels and adventure - SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA NORTH AMERICA OVERLAND.                   Updated 2 August 2012

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Camping sites for South & Central America

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columbia milk deliveryCOLUMBIAcolumbia cabo de la vela


hotel mayasquer NarinoHotel Mayasquer - Nariño
Within 1km of the Columbia border and near the town of Ipjales.
GPS 00° 48' 55" N / 77° 39' 31" W
Large open grassy area beside hotel where overlanders can camp for around Pesos 15,000 per vehicle.
Toilet facilities inside hotel, and wi-fi, as well as a restaurant and accommodation.




Terpel Service Station - Remotina
GPS 1° 40' 13.8" N / 77° 19' 55.7" W
Situated on the Pan American Highway, about 165km north of the Colombia border.
Toilets and water.
Plenty of open area behind the service station.


Regional national park BugaRegional National Park - the Link - south of Buga
GPS 00° 13' 7.4" N / 78° 16' 36.4" W
Enter off Pan American highway, south of Buga.
Good camp site up on the hill, with fine views over the vast sugar cane fields and across to the Reserva Natural Laguna de Sonso (web:
the link bugaBasic facilities - toilets, cold showers, large sheltered area with tables/bench seats.





Camping Comfenalco - La Pintada Camping Comfenalco - La Pintada
GPS 5° 44' 37.5" N / 75° 36' 19.5" W
This is a big recreations park/resort with plenty of grassy room down the back area, located at the northern end of town, before the bridge over the Rio Cauca.
This park is part of a large chain of Clubs/Parks run by Comfenalco Antioquia.
Toilets, showers with large recreation areas including large pool areas, kids playgrounds, bar, restaurant.
During June, July and August the park runs holiday programs, so it gets extremely busy.

You can find more parks on their web site at:



Estadero El Rancho Restaurante ValdiviaEstadero El Rancho Restaurante - Valdivia
GPS 7° 09' 54.1" N / 75° 26' 24.1" W
Parked in the car park beside the restaurant, on the Pan American Highway.
Estadero El Rancho Restaurante ValdiviaSmall charge to park, but it's about the only bit of available space beside the main road.
Good food, clean facilities with shower and toilet.
A bit noisy with trucks stopping for a meal, and continuously passing along the highway.

The scenery is pretty impressive in the area.



59a Casa del Mar Camping ToluCasa del Mar Camping - Tolu
GPS 9° 31' 3.4" N / 75° 35' 14.5" W
Casa del Mar Camping ToluTolu is on the coast, about 177km south of Cartagena.
This small hosteria is on the beachfront and beside a small creek.
Basic facilities (toilets, cold showers), power (110v), restaurant and rooms.
It is right beside another possible camping spot in Yolymar Camping.

The beach isn't all that inviting at this time of year.


Club Veracruz Cabanas and Camping - Santa Marta (northside)
GPS 11° 13' 59.8" N / 74° 08' 22.3" W
Smallish camping area situated within the hotel grounds, just off the highway.
Very basic facilities, along with a bar and restaurant.

Campo David - if you veer left as you enter the hotel grounds, and drive a short distance down hill, then veer left again at the bottom (don't cross the bridge), you will find Campo David, away from the traffic.
Mike runs this pleasant spot with a lovely big, clean swimming pool and toilet facilities.
The camping area isn't all that big, but Mike speaks really good english and is very helpful.


Jarrinapi Hospedaje Cabo de la VelaJarrinapi Hospedaje - Cabo de la Vela - Kashurop
GPS 12° 11' 51.4" N / 72° 08' 48.6" W
The Cabo de la Vela is in the north of Colombia and is part of a long peninsula of mostly desert and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.
Jarrinapi Hospedaje Cabo de la VelaThe Jarrinapi Hospedaje is located opposite the beach.
It has some open area at the back where you can park and camp.
The facilities are very basic with toilets, and a shower from a bucket. (Freshwater is in short supply and very precious, make sure your water tanks are full before you get there.)
It also offers rooms of simple construction and basic amenities.
The inn offers good local dishes and there is a bar. It's a great place to chill for a few days.


Casa Grande CampingCasa Grande Camping - 35km north of Santa Marta
GPS 11° 16' 40.1" N / 73° 51' 51.8" W
Located about 5km from the Tayrona Park and 35km north of Santa Marta.
Situated right on a private beach, where you can camp, park your RV or stay in one of the cabanas.
Basic facilities, toilets, cold showers, electricity for the RV's (limited in reach), restaurant and bar.
There's a couple of large shady trees - don't camp under the coconut palms!!!


cartagena colombiaCartagena - Gateway to South America
Parking, Hotel and Shipping details

There is a large parking area on the waterfront (GPS 10° 25' 10.9" N / 75° 32' 54.2" W) just inside the old city - it can easily handle large overland trucks and offers 24 hour security. Cost is about US$7/day.

hotel lee cartagenaThere is a large choice of hotels and guest houses in Cartagena but we found the Hotel Lee, (Centro, Calle Larga No 8B-148, ph: (5) 664 0708) to be ideal.
It's just one street back from the carpark and within 200m of it. It had good rooms, a pool and breaky was included in the rate of about US$90/night. Web:

enlaceFor an excellent shipping agent use: Luis La Rota and his wife, Sonia, who operate Enlace Caribe and are based very close to the port and customs. They speak English and are very efficient. Manga, Calle 28 No26-47, office 103, Cartagena; GPS 10°24'33.3"N 75°31'56.2"W; ph: +57 315 758 5872 (mob), or ph: +57 (5) 660 8960 (Office);


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