Drifta Kitchen

The Drifta Kitchen setup.

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Mobile Kitchen - Drifta Kitchens

Drifta Kitchen

The Drifta range of kitchens are handy and versatile and Ron has been using one for the last few years on his outback trips that are a quick foray for testing vehicles and other products.

I’ve always been impressed with the Drifta kitchen set-up since I first saw them about 12 years ago. They look simple to use and are well made, so I always thought that’ll do me as they’d handle the rigours of the bush for many years. I was more than pleasantly surprised though, when I went to their website recently and found out how many different models they make. I settled on one of their smaller basic units, the Drifta Van Back (DVB).


Drifta Kitchen

All their units are made from 12mm marine ply with all joints glued and screwed and then fully carpeted. My DVB measures 870x440x300mm and weighs less than 25kg, so one person can handle it quite easily. It’ll fit in the back of most wagons and most recently we've been using it on a number of multi-day 4WD ute tests where we head up into Outback NSW and SA for a few days each time. .

On the last few trips I've used it basically as a fancy tucker box, food and pot and billy in the big drawer, utensils in the smaller top drawer while the mid-size drawer, designed to hold a single burner stove, carried a few odds and ends, as well as a small plastic wash-up bowl and the unit’s water pump and hose.



Drifta Kitchen draws

Most of the time I used Drifta set-up in the back of the vehicle and it was more than handy with everything readily accessible for whatever meal I needed to do. On the occasions when I established a bit of a base camp for a few days, I dragged it out off the vehicle and set it up so it was freestanding.

This takes a minute or so and would have been easier if I had remembered to read the instructions beforehand (yeah, I’m a bloke) as the legs were a bit fiddly. With the bench area folded out to give you a good size work area the bench seemed a little wobbly at first, but proved to be more than up to the task of any kitchen duty. The water pump worked a real treat and certainly makes washing up and making a brew easier. Packing up is just as quick as setting up.

We've had our Drifta Kitchen now for a number of years and it shows no sign of weakness or any problems, although there are plenty of signs of wear and tear from bouncing around in the back of the utes.



Priced from $450, the model we had costs $690. Drifta Camping & Trailer Kitchens are made by Luke Sutton and his team in Gloucester, NSW. They also do custom fit-outs of trailers, horsefloats and vans. You’ll see them at shows or they will send them anywhere in Australia. For more details, ph: (02) 6558 2328;


See you in the bush.

Ron and Viv.

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