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Read about Ron & Viv's journey so far through Africa.

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AFRICA TRIP - February to October 2007

Our travel through Africa, self driving through Africa.

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The big day arrived on the 18 th February as we touched down in Jo'burg at the O.R Tambo International Airport. Like any big city the first introduction to Africa is a far cry from the wild - traffic jams greeted us as we headed to our hotel to wait a flight to Durban. read more

Late February - Early March 2007
Sani Pass and Lesotho
Our first camp in Africa! read more

South African Battlefields
Battlefields in Kwa Zulu Natal   read more

Swaziland and the Royal Hilane National Park
Swaziland read more

Mid to late March 2007
Pretoria - LOE Expedition
South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa read more

Early April 2007
To Cape Agulhas
Our last views of the vast cities of Jo'burg and Pretoria as we headed south were the Black townships that stretch for miles along the N1. read more

Early to Mid April 2007
To Southern Namibia and Windhoek
Sooner or later all things come to an end and we had to leave and listen to the sound of rubber rolling on bitumen. Now we were heading north on the BIG drive north to Egypt! read more

Mid to late April 2007
Namibia - Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast, Herero & Himba country - Kaokoland, Epupa Falls, Etosha National Park
With the Patrol running much better after six replacement injectors (the diesel fuel is crap in southern Africa so be warned!) we finally left Windhoek and headed across the mountain passes on one of the lesser used routes to the old German town now come holiday resort of Swakopmund .   read more

Early to mid May 2007
Botswana again and into Zambia
Our return to Botswana was marred by a shifty looking copper at one of the first road blocks we had to go through on the way to Maun. read more

Mid to late May 2007
Zambia to Malawi and Lake Malawi
Before leaving Zambia we stopped at the small art art-craft-fabric set-up in one of the local villages just outside Luangwa NP.  read more

Late May & early June 2007
Northern Mozambique
Here we were at the border post in Mozambique trying to converse with a Portuguese official to organize our visas – and not having much luck - when in walked an Australian. read more

Early to mid June 2007
Tanziania & Zanziba
Our first day in Tanzania was spent in the small border village of Kilambo waiting for Fred and hoping the ferry would run. ...... read more

Mid to Late June 2007
Tanziania - Lake Manyara; Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti National Parks
After shopping we headed north along the coast to the small village of Bagamoyo. The town was once the capital of German East Africa but it was abandoned in favour of Dar and is now nothing much more than a big fishing village. ...... read more

Early July 2007
Southern Kenya - Nairobi, Tsavo & Amboseli National Parks
From our delightful time in the Serengeti we had the rude shock of people, buses and animal life as we headed to the sprawling waterfront town of Musoma, which is a small port – but busy - on the edge of Lake Victoria. ...... read more

Mid to Late July 2007
Uganda & back into Kenya
Forget what you have heard about Uganda – Idi Amin and all that sort of stuff - the place is fantastic! And it's pretty safe too now that the government is having peace talks with the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). ...... read more

Late July - early August 2007
Return to Nairobi and onto Northern Kenya
That rain put paid to our plans of driving around the mountain (the dirt road becomes impassable), so we headed along the blacktop to the Kenya Border at Malaba. ...... read more

Early to Mid August 2007
Southern Ethiopia to Addis Ababa
We were sill working our way thru' Ethiopian Customs – a fairly laid back affair with pleasant helpful people when we were approached by Biruk Desalegn , a freelance tour guide to the Omo Valley. He seemed pretty nice with good English, so we hired him for the next few days – it worked out well!! ...... read more

Mid August 2007
Keyafer Health Clinic, Keyafer
This Health Centre in the Lower Omo Valley at Keyafer, has to deal with malaria, worm problems, hygiene, TB & leprosy, dysentery, births and AIDs – and these are just some of the everyday issues they are confronted with. ..... read more

Mid August 2007
Northern Ethiopia
To get a Sudan visa it is better to have an Egypt visa first ... Went to the National Museum, mainly to see ‘Lucy', the 3.6 million year old hominid skeleton found back in the late 1970s ..... read more

Mid - late August 2007
Don't believe all that you read in the news or see on the TV about Sudan. We found some of the friendliest people in Africa, nobody hassled us, while officials were polite and friendly.   We also had our best bush camps of the whole trip and you have a feeling you are safe no matter where you are. ..... read more

Early to Mid Sept - Egypt
Now we like Aswan, it's probably the best looking big city on the Nile, but it's not a place you like spending time in going from Custom office to Police post and back, to do it all again next day. But that's what we did. It took two full days to get our vehicles out and on the road again! ..... read more

Mid Sept - Libya
We parked in the ‘No man's land' of border control under the watchful gaze of Libyan security and waited for about half an hour until our escort come guide, Nabeel Aljilli, arrived with the paperwork. ..... read more

Mid to late Sept - Tunisia
We crossed into Tunisia and filled out a ‘Visitors' Card', got our passport stamped and a form filled out for the vehicle, then we were waved thru – no visa, customs or anything, “You can go – Welcome!” We'll see how easy it is to get out of the country and if we have done everything right. ..... read more

Late Sept to late October - Europe & England
Sicily, Italy, Switzerland, France, England
So much for our 4 hour time frame to get through customs, passport control and onto the boat to Sicily - we were down at the ferry point at 5pm readying ourselves for our 9pm departure at Tunis, in Tunisia. Yeah … right! read more





Diesel Fuel Price

Prices current as at Feb - July 2007

Eastern & Southern Africa


1:   Quality of fuel varies greatly across Africa – in most countries it is pretty poor. Only South Africa and Kenya (Nairobi) have ‘low sulphur diesel' – well so far anyway.

2:  Diesel is more readily available than unleaded petrol, especially in rural areas.

3:   Diesel is generally slightly cheaper than unleaded.

South Africa

Fuel - Av price – R 6.66/litre (AS1.33/litre)



Fuel - Av price – P 4.69/litre (AS1.18/litre)



Fuel - Av price – $N 6.29/litre (AS1.26/litre)



Fuel - Av price – ZKw 6203/litre (AS1.88/litre)



Fuel - Av price – MKw 154.6/litre (AS1.40/litre)



Fuel - Av price – Mt 28.16/litre (AS1.41/litre)



Fuel - Av price – TSh 1309/litre (A$ 1.31/litre)



Fuel - Av price – KSh 68.95/litre (A$ 1.19/litre)



Fuel - Av price – USh 1960/litre (A$ 1.30/litre)


5.53Birr/L - A$0.65/litre


1.04SPD/L - A$0.55/litre


1.13EPD/L - A$0.22/litre


0.15LDN/L - A$0.13/litre


0.80TDN - A$0.75/litre